NEPAS Foundation

NATHERNS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME & SERVICES - NEPAS Foundation is a non-governmental organization aimed at fostering a sense of belonging to the Nigerian youth, through Re-orientation and Empowerment Exercises. NEPAS Foundation was born with the aim of building sustainable entrepreneurs and leaders in Nigeria.

At NEPAS Foundation we pride ourselves as a genuine organization which is aimed at the well being of the Nigerian youths. Till date, NEPAS Foundation has been self funded, and achieved much since inception.

To achieve our aim, we study each youth observing their strengths and what they have passion for. Provide Guidance & Counseling, mentoring in that particular path of live in which they have flare for, and also empower them so as to be self dependent


Guidance & Counseling

This service is designed for both in and out of school learners helping them locate their inner most strength, choosing the right career based on those strengths.

Talent Discovery

NEPAS FOUNDATION, we help the youths locate their gifts/talents, mentor them to cultivate such talents to a professional skill, so as to earn a living for themselves.


At NEPAS FOUNDATION, after training and we empower the youth financially/setup business for them so as to enable them become self sufficient.

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